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OECD: Portuguese workers burdened with the largest income tax increase – Portugal

Posted in Featured, Heritage, Organizations, People, Politics, Portugal, World

Portugal: Top judges spark Christmas crisis – By Len Port

Posted in Azores, Featured, Heritage, Madeira, People, Politics, Portugal, World

Labor: Portuguese workers to stage general strike June 27 – Portugal

Posted in Azores, Featured, Heritage, Madeira, Organizations, People, Politics, Portugal, Travel

Travel: TAP Air Portugal to strike over budget restrictions – Alert

Posted in Azores, Featured, Madeira, Politics, Portugal, Travel, World

Terceira: U.S. to reduce military presence at Lajes Air Field – Azores

Posted in Azores, Community, Featured, Heritage, Politics, Portugal, Terceira, World

Labor: General strike and more street protests planned for November – Portugal

Posted in Featured, Politics, Portugal, Spotlight, World

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