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Book: Behind the Stars, More Stars – Interview with Editors

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Grande Viagem: NRP Sagres sailing to Florida before returning to Portugal – Miami, FL

Posted in Canada, Community, Heritage, Organizations, People, Portugal, Travel

Travel: Delta Air Lines first flight to Ponta Delgada carried 193 passengers – Azores

Posted in Azores, Canada, Cape Verde, Community, Featured, Madeira, Organizations, People, Portugal, São Miguel, Travel, World

Diplomacy: Justin Trudeau invited to visit Portugal in November – Canada

Posted in Canada, Community, Featured, Heritage, Organizations, People, Politics, Portugal, World

Travel: Azores Airlines doubles weekly flights – Portugal

Posted in Azores, Canada, Cape Verde, Community, Featured, Portugal, Travel, World

Fernando Pessoa: Profile of the writer focus of major projects and events abroad – Portugal

Posted in Canada, Conferences, Education, Featured, Heritage, Organizations, People, Portugal, South Africa, World

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