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Book: ‘The First World Empire: Portugal, War and Military Revolution’ – Editor’s Note

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Comment: Peace and prosperity in former Portuguese Macau – By Len Port

Posted in Featured, Heritage, Macau, Politics, Portugal, World

Book: ‘Behind the Stars, More Stars’ – Interview with Editors

Posted in Arts&Culture, Azores, Books, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, Community, Education, Faial, Featured, Goa, Heritage, Interviews, Macau, Mozambique, Organizations, People, Pico, Portugal, World

Travel: First direct flight linking Portugal to China inaugurated – Portugal

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Book: ‘An Economic History of Portugal 1143-2010’ – Editor’s Note

Posted in Arts&Culture, Books, Brazil, Business, Damão, Diu, Featured, Goa, Macau, Politics, Portugal

Lisbon: Portuguese language to expand to 400 million speakers globally – Portugal

Posted in Angola, Arts&Culture, Azores, Books, Brazil, Cape Verde, Community, East Timor, Featured, Guiné-Bissau, Heritage, Macau, Madeira, Mozambique, Organizations, People, Portugal, São Tomé and Prince, World

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