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Portugal leads the way for LBGT rights – Lisbon

Portugal is one of the most reformist countries for gays and transgender citizens, who now benefit from one of the most progressive laws in the world.

Portugal’s new Trans-Friendly Identity Record Amendment Law, of March 16, establishes clear guidelines on how Portuguese citizens can change their name and sex come into effect. Unlike many laws concerning amendments to civil identity records, this new law only stipulates a need for an official medical diagnosis and does not require the applicant to divorce a spouse, to have gone through or be going through hormonal treatment or gender reassignment surgery, and does not require the applicant to undergo sterilization. 

In January 2011, Portugal became the sixth European country to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Portugal was among 85 countries that at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, that joined a Joint Statement entitled “Ending Acts of Violence and Related Human Rights Violations Based On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.” The join effort hopes to end acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation & gender identity.


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