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Literature: Ana Teresa Pereira winner of the 2012 APE National Grand Prize – Madeira

The Portuguese Writers’ Association (APE) has awarded its prestigious 2012 APE National Grand Prize “Grande Prémio de Romance e Novela” to author Ana Teresa Pereira for her latest novel , O Lago,  [The Lake].

According to the jury, the book was awarded for its “daring” and being “the most original” of those in contention. “What we liked in the novel was a certain novelty of form and a certain experimentalism that is not new in her work, from the structural and formal point of view,” said APE jury member José Manuel Vasconcelos.

The APE National Grand Prize, worth Euro15,000, has been awarded for the past three decades by APE judges to be the best novel published in Portugal the previous year.

Published by Relógio d’Àgua, O Lago is the latest work by Ana Teresa Pereira, a prolific author based on Madeira where she often represents the reality of life on her native island.

The  four finalists in APE competition include works published in 2011, by Relógio d’Àgua, titled: As Luzes de Leonor, by Maria Teresa Horta, Tiago Veiga, by Mário Cláudio, O Complexo de Sagitário, by Nuno Júdice and Cidade de Ulísses, by Teolinda Gersão.

Ana Teresa Pereira, 54, was born in Funchal, on Madeira island, where she lives and writes. In 1989 she published her first novel, Matar a Imagem [Killing the Image], which she was awarded the Caminho Crime prize.


Books by novelist Ana Teresa Pereira:

Matar a Imagem – Editorial Caminho  (1989)

As Personagens – Editorial Caminho (1990)

A Casa dos Penhascos – Editorial Caminho  (1991)

A Casa dos Pássaros – Editorial Caminho   (1991)

A Casa das Sombras – Editorial Caminho  (1991)

A Casa da Areia – Editorial Caminho (1991)

A Última História – Editorial Caminho (1991)

A Cidade Fantasma – Editorial Caminho (1993)

Num Lugar Solitário – Editorial Caminho (1996)

Fairy Tales – Black Sun (1996)

A Noite Mais Escura da Alma – Editorial Caminho (1997)

A Casa do Nevoeiro – Editorial Caminho (1997)

A Coisa Que Eu Sou – Relógio d’Água  (1997)

As Rosas Mortas – Relógio d’Água  (1998)

O Rosto de Deus – Relógio d’Água (1999)

Até que a Morte nos Separe – Relógio d’Água (2000)

Se Eu Morrer Antes de Acordar – Relógio d’Água  (2000)

O Vale dos Malditos – Black Sun 2000

A Dança dos Fantasmas –  Relógio d’Água  (2001)

A Linguagem dos Pássaros – Relógio d’Água (2001)

O Ponto de Vista dos Demónios – Relógio d’Água  (2002)

Intimações da Morte – Relógio d’Água  (2002)

Contos – Relógio d’Água  (2003)

Se nos Encontrarmos de Novo – Relógio d’Água  (2004)

O Sentido da Neve – Relógio d’Água  (2005)

O Mar de Gelo – Relógio d’Água  (2005)

O Lago – Relógio d’Água  (2011)



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