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Jumpseller.com: Portuguese online company expands globally – Latin America

Launching an online store can be challenging for smaller business, but Portuguese company Jumpseller.com goes global and is expanding its ecommerce solutions in Latin America and the United States.

Started in 2010 by Tiago Matos and Filipe Gonçalves, Jumpseller can help small businesses make designing and maintaining an online store relatively simple and affordable.

Both Matos and Gonçalves are software engineers from Portugal, with little more than their laptops and a shared vision over the future of ecommerce. While most solutions use venture funds to grow, Jumpseller has decided to bootstrap their business.

Instead of spending time looking for funding, the Jumpseller team focuses more on their product by ensuring the longterm viability of the business and added value for their customers.

This year Jumpseller opened an office in Providencia, Santiago, Chile, to better support their local customers and serve as a platform to further expand to Colombia, Mexico and the USA. With focus on becoming a global leader in the small business ecommerce market, offices in Portugal and Chile plus a global staff composed of Portuguese, Chileans and Americans allows Jumpseller to further expand into the social and mobile ecommerce space.

The company received their first seed capital by participating in the pilot program of Start-Up Chile in 2010, the Chilean Government program that seeks to attract earlystage, highpotential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global.

The end goal of the Start-Up Chile program is to position Chile as the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America.

Elsa Paredes, head of Web Design, and Tiago Matos, Jumoseller.com co-founder.

Elsa Paredes, head of Web Design, and
Tiago Matos, Jumpseller.com co-founder.

After an initial 6 month run of Start-Up Chile, co-founder Tiago Matos continues to expand Jumpseller operations from Chile to the present day. With a 100% annual growth amid celebration of its 6th year anniversary, Jumpseller is the most used ecommerce platform for small business in Chile.

Main contributors for its growth, include having a global staff with local market knowledge, local shipping and logistic integrations, ecommerce technical experience, supporting clients in multiple languages, and relationships with several payment gateways in Chile such as Webpay (Transbank), Servipag, Khipu, Paypal and Stripe.

Jumpseller helps PYMEs, such as chilean leather shoe brand Bestias and other known global brands to automate their online sales process. Serving as infrastructure for the brazilian Brand
Penalty , the worldwide household electronics brand Black & Decker or the German multinational Karcher.

With simple and affordable prices, the pricing is based on a low cost subscription model, where small businesses can choose a monthly plan ranging from 6,300 CLP (Chilean peso) to 50,400 CLP depending on chosen features. Unlike alternate ecommerce solutions, Jumpseller doesn’t charge any transaction fees for each sale a store makes.

Source:  Jumpseller.cl

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