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Estoril: Hosting the 2015 World Food Tourism Summit – Portugal

The 2015 World Food Tourism Summit will be held April 8-11 at the Estoril Congress Center, Estoril city, Portugal. The event will gather international food professionals to showcase gastronomy novelties and discuss emerging cuisine trends around the world.

The occasion, which will serve as an international forum at which specialists in food tourism and relevant fields may exchange the latest products and services,  will feature 25 speakers and a ‘Street Food Party’ to be hosted simultaneously in Lisbon, London, Paris, Berlin and other European cities.

Topics for discussion will include: Creative tourism and gastronomy experiences; Gastronomy destinations; Media and social media for the promotion of food tourism; and Heritage gastronomy, among other themes.

The event, organized by the Portuguese Culinary and Economic Tourism Association (APTECE), is dedicated to food and beverage professionals, travel and hospitality organizations, trade groups, associations, governments, researchers, media, marketing, tourism, students and other gastronomy specialists.

The wide range of topics to be addressed makes this conference a valuable gathering place for all parties involved in food tourism related issues and provides a great opportunity for food lovers around the world, from all sorts of backgrounds, to come together to celebrate and discover the future of gastronomy.


Source: 2015 World Food Summit webpage.