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Education: SiPN signs agreement with the University of Lisbon – Portugal

The Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) announced that the Luso American Development Foundation (FLAD) and the University of Lisbon (one of the four SiPN Partner Universities) signed an agreement creating two new semester SiPN programs.

SiPN is a study abroad provider based in Lisbon, Portugal, in partnership with a multi-university consortium. Its mission is to attract students and faculty from the United States to come to Portugal on a variety of study abroad experiences.

The agreement with the University of Lisbon includes:

SiPN Emerging Topics in STEM – Engineering, Technology, and Sustainability @ Instituto Superior Técnico-ULisboa and the SiPN Advanced Liberal Arts @Letras ULisboa.

Brief description of the programs:

  • SiPN Emerging Topics in STEM: Engineering, Technology, and Sustainability @ Instituto Superior Técnico-ULisboa

This program provides access to a selection of curricular units taught in English at Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST). Students may choose their coursework from among the following main areas:
– Energy for the Future and Renewable Energy Systems
– Engineering for Sustainability
– Humanitarian Engineering

In addition to coursework, students can also opt to add an internship and/or research opportunity (for academic credit) in labs and various organizations that are linked to the Instituto Superior Técnico.

The program is aimed towards 3rd or 4th year university-level students with interest in areas related to Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Sustainability, among others. It is designed to provide students with scientific and technical skills in emerging areas that are crucial for addressing global challenges.

  • SiPN Advanced Liberal Arts @Letras ULisboa

This SiPN Advanced Liberal Arts (ALA) program will take place at Faculdade de Letras-ULisboa. This program will allow students to choose from a list of 12 tracks on different topics included in the main areas of FL-UL: Linguistics, Philosophy, Archaeology, Art History, History, Classical and Literary Studies. These course concentrations will consist of relevantly selected courses taught in Portuguese, as well as a wide array of options taught in English.
In addition to regular coursework, students can choose to apply either for an internship or a research assistantship opportunity in one of the 10 research centers of the school.

These new programs will broaden SiPN program options for semester-long candidates and will be available on SiPN website soon. SiPN will be accepting applications for the Fall 2022 edition and beyond.

FLAD, (Luso-American Development Foundation) is a Portuguese private non-profit grant-making institution, established in 1985, to promote relations between Portugal and the United States. 

Source: FLAD/SiPN /More about SiPN here.

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