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Business: Global Diaspora Network meets Canadian entrepreneurs – Portugal

The Global Diaspora Network [Rede Global da Diaspora] is in Canada, from November 2 to November 6, in Montreal, Toronto and Mississauga, for an international business convention, bringing together more than 150 Portuguese and Canadian entrepreneurs of Portuguese descent.

The Global Diaspora Network is the largest Portugal based business network, with more than 7,500 members, representing 10,500 registered business entities, in 155 countries. Its goal is linking national companies to entrepreneurs in the Lusophone communities around the world, to promote business opportunities.

Besides networking, the platform also aims to expanding business in new markets, identifying new distribution networks to increase exports, providing new business and investment opportunities, and promoting the Portugal brand internationally.

The event was organized by the AEP Foundation (Associação Empresarial de Portugal), in partnership with the Federation of Portuguese-Canadian Entrepreneurs and Professionals and with the support of AICEP Portugal Global, and the Portuguese government through the Secretariat of State for Portuguese Communities.

“The Canadian market has a lot of potential, because it is a developed country, with many business opportunities, where we can find thousands of Portuguese. We believe that the contribution of the Portuguese diaspora in promoting the Portugal brand is essential for the business success of our Portuguese, in what is considered a market with many business opportunities,” said Luís Miguel Ribeiro, President of the AEP Foundation.

The program includes several visits to leading Portuguese-Canadian enterprises and meetings with community-based organizations such Portus 360º (Montreal), Casa do Açores (Toronto) and Casa do Alentejo, (Toronto), and at The Mississaugua Golf and Country in Mississauga.

The event will close on November 6, with a session at the Consulate General in Toronto, attended by Berta Nunes, the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities.

Website: Global Diaspora Network.


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