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Book: ‘Hawk Island’ by Manuela DaCosta – Editor’s Note

Hawk Island stands in the middle of the Atlantic, small and defiant, like its people. Two Brooks is the most isolated village in Hawk Island, surrounded by high cliffs and flanked at each end by a brook. It is a village of tenacious people, hardened by isolation and punished by nature with crude winters and burning droughts. It is also a place forsaken by God and men that boasts a long history of civil disobedience and defiance of social norms.

The village priest, Monsignor Inocente, is doing his best to keep his parishioners on a path of moral rectitude. Unfortunately, he is also fighting forces he cannot control. When three young men disappear, the villagers diligently search for a plausible explanation. While the villagers grapple with their seemingly justifiable fears, the monsignor asks for help from the mainland. But what no one knows is that his decision will set off a chain of events that will forever change life in Two Brooks.

In this spiritual tale, a priest living in an island town plagued by dark secrets and strange occurrences must attempt to keep the peace among terrified villagers after three men mysteriously disappear.

About the Author

Manuela DaCosta, was born in Terceira, Azores. She immigrated to New England in 1972 as a young adult and was a factory worker for a few years. This experience gave her the material for her first book, Os Sonhos de Dona Dores, which was published by the Department of Immigration and Culture in Azores.  Hawk Island is a fictional place inspired by stories and people from her past. Manuela graduated from the UMass Dartmouth, where she majored in Social Sciences/Humanities.

Book Details


    • Hawk Island: Book 1 of the Hawk Island Series

Author: Manuela DaCosta

Publisher: Archway Publishing

Date of Publication: February 15, 2018

Print Length: 298 pp

Language: English


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