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Vote here! Azores nominated for top European destination – World Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards has nominated the Azores in three categories: (1) Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2021; (2); Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2021; and (3) Europe’s Responsible Tourism Award 2021.

The selection of the nominees is carried out annually on a worldwide scale by the general public and for more of 200 thousand tourism professionals from 160 countries. To participate, cast your vote here!

Created in 1993, the World Travel Awards recognize the work developed in the area of ​​the tourist industry at a global level, in order to stimulate the competitiveness and quality of tourism

World Travel Awards ceremonies are widely regarded as the best networking opportunities in the travel industry attended by government and industry leaders, luminaries and international print and broadcast media.

Most recently, the Azores were elected as 2021 “Platinum Quality Coast Destination” an international award that distinguishes coastal environmental quality for sustainable tourism.

The Platinum “Quality Coast” certification is the highest level award of global recognition for the quality and management of the destination, based on criteria defined by Green Destinations.


According to the criteria defined by Green Destinations, the Azores achieved a level of compliance of 97.8% of the sustainability indicators: Destination Management; Nature and Landscape; Environment and Climate; Culture and Tradition; Social Welfare; Business and Hospitality.

The “Quality Coast” Platinum award was awarded for the first time to the Azores in 2014 as the best destination in Europe in terms of sustainable tourism, with an independent performance check of the destination’s progress every two years.

Green Destinations is a non-profit organization for the development and recognition of sustainable destinations based in the Netherlands, which supports more than 200 destinations in 60 countries with the aim of promoting responsible tourism based on globally recognized principles and the Development Goals Sustainable (ODS).


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