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Travel: U.S. Embassy in Lisbon introducing new visa appointment system – Portugal

The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon announced Friday it is in the process of introducing a new and improved visa appointment system. New procedures for fee payments, appointments, and return of passports will go into effect on July 9.

According to the announcement released on Facebook, “If you pay your visa fee until July 3, PLEASE BE SURE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT NO LATER THAN JULY 8 (highlight by the source) . Payments made prior to July 3 cannot be used to make appointments after July 8.”

The U.S. Embassy strongly advises “all visa applicants who have paid the U.S. visa application fee (MRV Fee) through Millenium bank, but have not yet scheduled an appointment, to schedule their appointment for July 8th or earlier as soon as possible.”

The announcement states, “Visa applicants who plan to apply after July 9, 2013 should wait to pay the visa application fee and wait to schedule that appointment until after the new system launches.”

Appointments, says the announcement, “can only be scheduled for dates after July 9th once the new system launches. Specific details on this new and more convenient way for applicants to pay and schedule a visa appointment will be announced closer to the launch of the new services.

The implementation of this new system is part of the Embassy’s efforts “to continually improve our services for our visa applicants,” and it adds,  “Please note the visa application fee will not increase with the coming change.”

Visit US embassy website for update info: http://portugal.usembassy.gov/ 

Source: U.S. Embassy Lisbon, Portugal

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