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Travel: SATA launching one-stop service from Boston to Porto – Portugal

Starting in June, the Azores-based SATA airline is launching one-stop service from Boston to Porto, mainland Portugal, it was announced Monday.

According to the announcement, SATA will offer wide-body jet service to Porto four times a week, from June to September, with a stop in the Azores in both economy and business classes.

Beginning April, SATA had doubled its weekly service from the U.S. to the Azores and mainland Portugal, including a new non-stop direct flight to Lisbon.

A recent agreement between SATA and U.S. Airways has also added new flight connections from Chicago and New York. In addition, SATA offers flight connections from San Francisco in partnership with Virgin America Airlines.

SATA also formed a partnership with Canadian Westjet, the second largest Canadian airline, to provide air services between the Canada and the Azores. Under the agreement, SATA offers flights between Canada and to Azores though Toronto and Montreal with connecting flights from Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary or Ottawa.

Since 1947, the SATA Group has provided air service linking the nine islands of the Azores with Portugal’s mainland.  The airline has regular air service between the nine islands of the Azores, as well as to Lisbon and Porto in mainland Portugal, and to Funchal on the island of Madeira.

For more information, log on to the SATA Website at www.SATA.pt.