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Travel: How to win a free trip and stay in a Youth Hostel – Azores

If you are young and love the Azores, this challenge is for you. You are eligible to enter the ultimate contest. Just follow the steps which are very simple.

According to the Azores Youth Hostels website, to enter the contest, participants only need to write and submit a statement telling “what you love the most about the Azores.”

All statements will be subjected to online open voting. The winner of the best quote will be rewarded with a free trip to the Azores, which includes 7 nights in any one of the five Azores Youth Hostels.

Participants have nothing to lose. All  participants, according to the contest organizers, will be eligible to compete for   2nd, 3th, 4th,  5th and 6th prizes for which they “can gain free accommodations for one week” at one of the Azores Youth Hostels.

All the Azores Youth Hostels meet Hostelling International ’s Assured Standards to guarantee comfortable, good quality, clean, safe and affordable accommodation. They are located on the islands of São Miguel, Terceira, Pico,  São Jorge and Santa Maria.

With a total of 357 beds, last year the Azores Youth Hostels received 24 thousand guests, of which 35% came from foreign countries.

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Azores Youth Hostels

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