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Travel: Azores Airlines pledges full refundable tickets – Azores

In a press release issued today, SATA Azores Airlines has pledged that customers who buy tickets in advance, to travel in the upcoming months, are guaranteed to receive a full refunds in case of change of plans or cancellation of flight.

The full refund is offered to all travelers who make reservations until October 30, 2021, and covers any domestic or international trip until March 30, 2022.

According to the press release, the Azores based airline makes it possible for travelers “to plan trips in advance without fear of unforeseen events.”

Currently, SATA Azores Airlines is only air carrier serving North America with regular flights from Boston and Toronto. SATA also offers direct connections between five islands of the Azores and regular connections between the Azores, Madeira, Portugal mainland and Central Europe, including Paris and Frankfurt.

To enjoy the benefit offered until the end of October, travelers can make reservations at the SATA Call Center, sale online, sales counters and through travel agencies.

For further information login to SATA Azores Airlines


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