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Travel Alert: SATA Air Azores on strike June 18-28 – Azores

The National Civil Aviation Workers Union (SINTAC) issued a SATA airline full scale strike notice effective from June 18 to June 28. The action was called in protest for “persistent illegalities” involving alleged retaliatory action by SATA against 15 workers who have changed union affiliations.

Strikes were staged by SATA airline on April and May of last year over budget reductions, job security, layoffs and pay cuts between 3.5% and 10% in gross wages.

In a separate development, the government owned Azores-based SATA airline has revealed last month a record loss of € 15 million in 2013.

Travelers are advised to contact their travel agents and/or SATA airline for further information before flying to or from the Azores and/or mainland Portugal during the period affected by the strike.

Based in the Azores, SATA Airlines provides service linking the nine islands of the Azores with Portugal’s mainland, Europe and North America.

For further information regarding flight cancellations, rescheduling and refunding contact SATA’s website at

http://www.sata.pt/en/sata/contact-center or  http://www.sata.pt/en/sata/customer-care