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Travel: 10th edition of the “Saudades dos Açores” program for seniors – Azores

The Regional Government of the Azores, through the Department for the Azorean Communities (DRC), is sponsoring the 10th edition of the “Saudades dos Açores” program for seniors,  from November 3 to November 10.

This year, 17 seniors from the United States, Canada and Brazil are participating in the program.

The initiative is aimed to providing older Azorean expatriates living in the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Brazil the opportunity to travel back to the homeland to visit family and friends.

To qualify, candidates must be age 60 or older, without the financial means to travel, and not having visited the Azores in the last 20 years.

The initiative has local support in the Azorean community organizations in the disapora, namely the Massachusetts Alliance for Portuguese Speakers-MAPS Cambridge (MA/USA); SER- Jobs for Progress, Fall River (MA/USA); Centro de Assistência ao Emigrante, New Bedford (MA/USA); Centros Comunitários POSSO and VALER (CA/USA); Centro de Acção Sócio-Comunitária, Montreal (Canada); Missão Santa Cruz, Montreal (Canada); Centro de Abrigo, Toronto (Canada); Clube Vasco daGama (Bermuda);  Casa dos Açores do Rio de Janeiro and Casa dos Açores de São Paulo (Brazil).

Established in 2003, the program is co-sponsored by Azores Express and SATA International.

For Information visit >> www.azores.gov.pt