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UMD: Portuguese within the Context of the Languages of the Iberian Peninsula – Lecture

Posted in Community, Conferences, Education, Featured, Heritage, People

UMD: Documenting Portuguese American experience in fishing – Dartmouth, MA

Posted in Azores, Community, Featured, Heritage, Madeira, Organizations, Portugal

UMD: 19th Annual Summer Program in Portuguese – Dartmouth, MA

Posted in Azores, Community, Education, Featured, Heritage, Portugal

UMD: The University of the Azores and the Atlantic – Conference

Posted in Azores, Community, Conferences, Education, Heritage, People

Cantoria: Evening of Azorean traditional music – UMD

Posted in Azores, Community, Heritage, Music, People

UMass in Lisbon & 11th Annual Summer Programs in Portugal – UMD

Posted in Community, Education, Featured, Heritage, Scholarships, Travel

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