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Smart-city to be built in Paredes – Portugal

Steve Lewis, a former Microsoft executive, is behind the Living PlanIT project to build a brand new smart-city in Paredes, Portugal.  Smart cities have intelligence and remote sensors built into the very fabric of the city – its buildings use computing power to monitor and constantly adjust for optimal efficiency.

According to the The Wall Street Journal Paredes smart-city involves a plot of 4,125 acres (1,670 hectares), will encompass some 225,000 people, cost about €10 billion and take about four years to complete.

The Living PlanIT project has chosen Portugal because it offers a high level of education and location of universities near the project which will require significant levels of qualified and supporting less-qualified labor.

Steve Lewis worked for Microsoft Corporation until May of 2004 as General Manager of Market Development and Co-Chair of the Microsoft Business Development Forum.  Currently he sits on several boards of commercial corporations, philanthropic foundations and government bodies.


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