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SiPN: ‘Study in Portugal Network’ is now recruiting US students – Portugal

The main goal of the SiPN program is to encourage more North American students, including students of Portuguese descent, to choose Portugal as an academic destination and to diversify the recruitment regions for Portuguese universities.

Starting in 2016, a scholarship will be created together with the Fulbright Commission in Portugal, for Masters and Ph.D. students that will be exclusively for students of the SiPN program.

The SiPN website offers a wide array of course options taught in either English or Portuguese, from various areas of study, including complete course syllabi in English to make credit transfer back home easier .

An extensive inventory of classes taught in English from the 4 universities, plus the possibility of summer internship opportunities for credit are two of the main features that distinguish SiPN from other programs in Portugal.

The program website provides applicants with information about scholarships and highlights Portugal – its lifestyle, history, university facilities, safety, cost of living, cultural and academic offerings — with information that may be useful to an audience that does not yet have Portugal on the radar as a study abroad destination.

Last year nearly 10,000 European and other international students studied in Portugal through the European Union’s Erasmus study abroad programs, but only 197 Americans did likewise.

Given FLAD’s non-profit status, SiPN’s programs are also cheaper than just about any competing program in Portugal or elsewhere in Western Europe. Participants will be able to customize their program, thanks to the hundreds of options available. Semester, annual or summer options are available.

The SiPN program was officially launched in October 2014, followed by a 5-week roadshow across the US where it was presented at several institutions, including the Embassy in Washington DC and the US State Department, plus about 40 U.S. universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley and many other public and private schools on both the East and West coasts.

The Study in Portugal Network program is directed by FLAD Board Member, Professor Michael Baum, in partnership with ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, University of Lisbon, Catholic University of Portugal, and Nova University of Lisbon. SiPN’s institutional partners are the Ministry of Education and Science, the Lisbon City Municipality, the U.S. Embassy in Portugal, the Fulbright Portugal, and AICEP­-Portugal. After implementing this first Lisbon-based phase, SiPN plans to expand the network to other Portuguese universities.

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Contact information: info@studyinportugalnetwork.com.

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