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São Miguel: Hosting 5th Walk & Talk Street Arts Festival – Azores

The fifth edition of the Walk & Talk Street Art Festival will be held July 17 through August 1, on São Miguel, Azores.

According to organizers, this year’s festival brings together more than 70 artists, collectives, curators and speakers at an unprecedented and experimental laboratory, occupying public spaces, working together with local structures and a 2-week program combining artistic residencies, installations, murals, performances, concerts, workshops and seminars.

From visual to performing arts, architecture and design, the festival has hosted in its past editions more than 160 artists and collectives in artistic residencies and original projects.

The festival has also become part of the international arts calendar attracting art enthusiasts from around the world while promoting new ways of thinking, interpretation and renewed visions within the local community.

Founded in 2011 by local artists Diana Sousa and Jesse James, the Walk &Talk Street Art Festival has turned São Miguel island into an open contemporary art museum comprising of over 100 public art displays.

The program now offers the “Walk & Talk Interactive Route” app that shows the course to follow the sites displaying public art on the island. Visitors are also provided with guided tours in English and Portuguese.

The festival also provides artists with a “residency model that encourages creation in permanent dialogue with public space.”  Its activities are focused in promoting and stimulating contemporary artistic expressions that enhance “new ways of thinking, interpretation and renewed visions within the Azorean population,” by introducing new aesthetic perspectives in the local cultural scene.

The Walk & Talk Street Art Festival is a nonprofit initiative. All artists participate voluntarily in festival activities.

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