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Protesters to rally for more democracy – Angola

Angolan youths intend to hold a fresh protest in Luanda on September 3 against President José Eduardo dos Santos, one of the organizers said Tuesday.

Carbono Casimiro, a well-known Angolan rapper, told Lusa news agency the demonstration would take place in Praça da Independência and the provincial government had been advised of the event.

Casimiro has been involved in several protests over the past months, some more successful than others.

The activist said there would be a press conference in front of Luanda bull ring on August 27 to call attention to the protest, but last time he tried to hold such a conference many of those involved spent a few hours in jail for their efforts.

The protestors say that President Dos Santos has no legitimacy to office and call for more democracy in the media and police forces.

President Dos Santos, 67,  has ruled the African country for 30 years and is the ruling MPLA party’s 2012 presidential candidate. He is the continent’s second-longest serving leader after Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

In 2010, he signed into law a new constitutional provision allowing him to extend his three-decade-long rule.

A former Portuguese colony, Angola (population 18, 498,000) gained indepencce from Portugal in 1975.



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