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Portuguese Studies: Lesley U. and U. Aberta offer joint graduate program – Cambridge, MA

Lesley University and Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal, have partnered to offer a joint graduate program in Global Portuguese Studies.

Through the combined resources of both institutions, individuals of Portuguese heritage or those working with Portuguese communities in the United States or abroad will study online, as well as in residencies at both Lesley University in Cambridge and Universidade Aberta in Lisbon, Portugal.

“This is a unique opportunity for professionals working with Portuguese communities, geared to bringing a higher level of cross-cultural and transnational understanding of the 21st century world,” said Lesley University Literacy Professor Maria Serpa. “Eight countries across five continents are predominantly Portuguese speakers, with a large population in the United States. Students will explore the communication and collaboration skills necessary for working effectively and respectfully with diverse teams within the Portuguese speaking communities in the U.S. and internationally.”

Professor Maria Serpa

The two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the program May 23, 2012, via Skype, both heralding the increased internationalization of their offerings. Present in Lisbon: Professor Paulo Bastos Maria Dias da Silva, Rector of the Universidade Aberta, Professor Carla de Oliveira, Vice Rector and Dr. Lydia Grave-Resendes, Associate Professor, Program Director and the initiator of this partnership. Present in Cambridge, MA: Professor Selase Williams, Provost of Lesley University, Professor Jonathon H. Gillette, Dean of the Graduate School of Education, and Dr. Maria de Lourdes B. Serpa, Professor and Director of this project for Lesley University.

The Global Portuguese Studies is a 15-credit graduate program principally for people of Portuguese descent or those working with Portuguese communities, with four courses taught in English and an internship in Lisbon, Portugal. The teaching model includes virtual classes and online classes at Universidade Aberta and face to face at Lesley University.

The program is pioneering in it’s being taught in English, and for students earning a graduate certificate jointly from both Lesley University and Universidade Aberta.

Lesley University has a long history of relationships with Portugal, having bestowed an Honorary Degree upon First Lady of Portugal, Dr. Maria Barroso Soares, and serving as home to the Portuguese World Language Institute.

Via Lesley University

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