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Portuguese researchers developed mosquito repellant clothing

A team of Portuguese researchers have developed clothing that repel mosquitoes. The product was created by NG Wear, along with Citeve in partnership with the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industries Technology Center and the Portuguese Institute for Tropical Medicine.

A collection of mosquito repellant T-shits, named “No Mosquito,” is now available to provide protection over an area of about 50 cm free from insect bites, avoiding the use of sticky sprays or harmful chemicals.

The T-shirts have varying degrees of strength and are available in Soft, Medium and Strong. They last 20 washes and are suitable to sensitive skin and safe for children.

NG Wear specializes in innovative, protective and fashionable apparel with high added value in three major areas: anti-mosquito clothing, anti-UV clothing and thermo-chromatic clothing.”

It is estimated that more than 700 million people per year are infected by mosquitoes with some kind of disease, resulting in millions of deaths in Africa, South and Central America and Asia.

NG Wear group employs 320 people and exports 65% of its total production.


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