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Portuguese created 1st iPhone App – Lisbon

The first worldwide virtual offices application for the iPhone, dubbed myOffice, was developed by the Portuguese software company Avila Business Center based in Lisbon.

The application, created specifically for the needs of virtual office users, is now available free for all Portugal-based Avila Business Center’s clients at the Lisbon Apple App Store.

According to a company release, myOffice will let busy professionals tap into real-time information, like telephone contacts, e-mail and text message notifications that are still being analyzed at Avila Business Center. The company is also developing a mobile site that will allow BlackBerry and Android users to tap this same information.

Founded in 2004, Avila Business Center is a leader in the virtual offices business to nearly 300 national and international clients. In Portugal, Avila Business Center represents the largest business center network in the world, the eOffice International Network, managed from the United Kingdom,with more than 300 locations worldwide.


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