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Online exhibit: The Portuguese-Canadian History Project – Toronto, ON

The Portuguese Canadian History Project (PCHP), in partnership with the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections at York University Libraries, is launching an online exhibit, on October 12, at York University, Toronto, Ontario.

The event will be held from 11.45 am to 12:30 am at the Senior Common Room, Winters College, Keele Campus.

The exhibit will feature research by History graduate students from York University and archival material donated by the Portuguese-Canadian community.

The event is sponsored by the York University Department of History as part of the international symposium on “Identity, Civic Engagement, Multiculturalism and Transnationalism: Portuguese-Canadian Immigrant Descendants in Canada” to be held October 11-12 at York University.

Started in 2008, The Portuguese Canadian History Project (PCHP) is a non-profit community outreach initiative, coordinated by Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda, and Raphael Costa, with the goal to preserve the collective memory of Portuguese immigrants in Canada.

Collected artifacts and documents are placed in the care of the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections at York University.

Organizations and individuals like the Portuguese Interagency Network, the Portuguese Canadian Democratic Association, Domingos Marques, Ilda Januário, and David Higgs have entrusted the PCHP with their collections.

Visit the online exhibit here after October 12,2011.

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