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Óbidos: Hosting International Festival of Chocolate – Portugal

The medieval town of Óbidos, mainland Portugal, is hosting the 2015 International Festival of Chocolate running from April 16 through May 3.

In its 13th edition, the annual event attracts many chocolatiers from around the world to showcase chocolate cakes and sweets available for the public to sample and purchase.

The International Festival of Chocolate is one of the biggest and most important annual events organized by Óbidos town, attracting each year over 200 thousand visitors. The theme for the 2015 festival is “Love” inspired in the 14th century true love story of Pedro and Inês.

While adults attend culinary classes, where chocolate is always the base ingredient, the festival offers recreational activities for the young taking place at Casa de Chocolate das Crianças [Chidren’s Chocolate House] where children can prepare their own recipes.

There are also competitions involving professional pastry-makers, such as the “Chocolatier of the Year” and the “International Competition of Chocolate Recipes” and art displays such as chocolate sculptures.


Source: Óbidos International Festival of Chocolate