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New Law: Immigrants serving more than a year in jail will be deported – Portugal

A new Portuguese legislation willl come into force on October 8 regarding the entrance, stay, departures and expulsion of foreigners, including the criminalization of hiring illegal immigrants and the expulsion of those sentenced to more than a year behind bars.

According to the new legislation, any immigrants living in Portugal, who have been given prison sentences of more than one year, will not have their residence authorization renewed and will be deported.

In early August, the Portuguese government had issued a new immigration law blocking the renewal of residency permits for immigrants sentenced to more than one year in prison.

Published in the official government daily, Diário da República, on August 09, the lawwould come into effect 30 days after publication. The new measure is being contested by human rights groups.

Last March, the Portuguese government had made changes in its immigration laws, regulating residence and voluntary and involuntary departure of non-nationals. The changes were described as a “significant improvement” in visa policies, namely for its family reunion provisions, regulating illegal immigration and human trafficking, and new polices for foreign investors from outside the European Union wanting to invest in Portugal.



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