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More hikers are discovering Pico – Azores

According to British based — The Holiday Ferret — vacation rentals are increasing in Portugal, particularly in the Azores, with a special interest for properties in Pico island.

On a press release today, the holiday and vacation rental company says that, besides Europe, the Azores are beginning to see a larger US based tourist market emerge.  Tourists often visit Pico island to hike.

James Curl, Director of  Holiday Ferret, said, “Pico Island, which is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is a prime example of this, and that is why, I feel, we are seeing a dramatic increase in holiday and vacation rental owners buying property and listing it on the site.”

“People seem to be going there for the mountain,” said James Curl. “Mt. Pico is the highest in Portugal and is a great attraction to tourists.  Feedback tells us it is a good base to visit the rest of the Azores Islands too.”

Pico island is the furthest south of the central group of the Azores islands and is the second largest in the archipelago (around 46km long and 15km wide).  It is the highest Azorean  island — stretching up 2352m.

The Holiday Ferret has also seen a dramatic increase in Thailand listings, and together with Portuguese property,  is the most popular on the site.