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MOOC: Massive Online Open Course offered in Portuguese – Portugal

The Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) initiative, a worldwide distance teaching project, was launched in Portugal in 2013 with the participation of a number of private and public institutions of higher learning.

The newest MOOC, titled “A Consciência dos Valores,” opened online Monday with a class of 100 students from Portugal (75%), Brazil (20%) and participants from Peru, Japan, Comores Islands and Mozambique.

Offered in Portuguese, participants and their mentors will explore and reflect on issues relating to the awareness of the  consciousness of values through readings, shared learning, debating and media presentations.

According to organizer Cecília Tomás, “it is indisputable that e-learning, as a powerful movement in education, is most suitable for our times.” For philosophy professor Mendo Henriques, “consciousness is the means by which humans filter reality” and values are “the touchstone of the reality that humans understand and transform.”

Organizers Mendo Henriques and Cecília Tomás

Professor Mendo Henriques and
Nazaré Barros

Offered in partnership with Sociedade Aberta, this tuition free MOOC is an initiative of “Olá, Consciência!,” a popular website dedicated to philosophical thinking. The course is taught pro bono by professors Mendo Henriques, Nazaré Barros, Cecília Tomás, Eduardo Barreto and Joaquim Pinto.

In 2013, the site published Olá, Consciência, an anthology edited by philosophy professors Mendo Henriques and Nazaré Barros.

The book was launched in Portugal and Brazil, with proceedings from conferences organized by Sociedade Aberta in partnership with Diário de Notícias, a Lisbon based newspaper, and the involvement of Suzana Ferreira, Ana Pinto Coelho and Luísa Sousa Otto.

Established in 1987, the tuition free  MOOC initiative is a worldwide movement in open education. In Europe, MOOC has the support of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), Europe’s institutional network for open and flexible higher education, involving 200 universities and over 3 million students. Portugal is the 11th participating country.

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