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MLA: Portuguese is the 12th most spoken language in the United States – Community

According to the Modern Languages Association (MLA) Language Map, Portuguese is the 12th most spoken language the United States, spoken by 564,630 people after Spanish (28,101,052), Chinese (2,022,143), French (1,643,838), German (1,383,442), Tagalog (1,224,241), Vietnamese (1,009,623), Italian (1,008,370), Korean (894,063), Russian (706,242), Polish (667,414), and Arabic (614,587).

Based on the US Census 2000, the MLA Language Map displays linguistic data by locations and numbers of speakers of thirty languages most spoken in the United States today, including three groups of less commonly spoken languages. Hungarian is the least spoken language with 117,973 speakers.

The Language Map Data Center uses the census data are based on responses to the question, “Does this person speak a language other than English at home?” The Language Map illustrates the concentration and number of speakers in zip codes and counties.

The Language Map Data Center also provides data from US Census 2000 about over three hundred languages spoken in the United States, including actual counts and percentages of speakers.

The Data Center uses data from the 2005 American Community Survey about the thirty languages most commonly spoken in the United States to provide a snapshot of recent changes in American language communities. In addition users can add to each map the colleges and universities that teach the selected language and can display fall 2009 enrollments for the language by undergraduate and graduate levels.

Source: Modern Language Association


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