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Menu Azores: Azorean food to début at Boston area restaurants

A promotional campaign of the Azores as a tourism destination will run for one month, between March 14 and April 11, at the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain in the Boston area.

According to Luisa Schanderl, president of the Azores Tourism Association (ATA), responsible for the initiative, Legal Sea Foods will offer menus featuring products from the archipelago. “They will not only serve dishes from the Azores, but also flavors and dishes made with products from the Region,” she said.

The Azorean products to be highlighted in the Boston area restaurant chain include fish caught in the Azores, local pepper, preserves and “queijadas” from Vila Franca do Campo, among other products.

“It’s the beginning of a project that we want to continue. If the products reach the U.S. in good condition and if customers approve of them they will become part of the regular menu of these restaurants like it already happens with salmon from Alaska,” said Luisa Schanderl.

For now, under this initiative, the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain in the Boston area will soon offer the “Menu Azores” integrated into their usual menu, a move that also includes displaying images of the areas of the Azores where the products originate from and the distribution of information to customers about the islands as a tourism destination.




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