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Lisbon: European city with more cultural dynamism – Portugal

Portugal’s capital was named the European city with more “cultural dynamism” by the “Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor” a project endorsed by the European Commission.

The ranking, which will be updated every two years, covers 168 cities in 30 countries (28 in the European Union plus Switzerland and Norway).

The project aims to help policy makers, cultural and creative sectors identifying what the strengths are and what needs to be improved.

The ranking is organized into three main indices: “cultural dynamism” (measured through cultural infrastructures and participation in events); “creative economy” (how cultural and creative sectors contribute to job creation and innovation); and “enabling environment” (assets that help cities capture talent and stimulate cultural engagement).

According to criteria, 29 indicators were analyzed, such as the number of museums or movie theaters, the number of tickets sold for shows and jobs created among other items.

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor promotes mutual exchange and learning between cities and role of culture and creativity in their social and economic wellbeing. The project compares similar cities in terms of population, dividing them into four groups. Cities with more than one million inhabitants (XXL cities); cities with more than 500 thousand (XL Cities); cities with more than 250 thousand (L cities), and cities with up to 250 thousand inhabitants (S/M cities). Lisbon ranked as an L/city.


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