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Lisbon: Bike sharing service available for locals and visitors – Portugal

The municipality of Lisbon has just launched a “bike share”, a new eco-friendly service focusing in the mobility of locals and visitors. Following new traffic and parking restrictions the goal is to limit pollution in inner city.

The service required an investment of €2 million to providing the city with 1,200 bicycles distributed over 100 pick-up points. In addition, Lisbon is developing 150Km of cycle paths to be operational in 2018.

To access the bikes regular everyday users are required to register online or download an application that makes it possible to access the system through their smart-phones.

For occasional users, who are not registered online, the stations will have posts with a reader for credit and debit cards. Once payment is made, the users receive a ticket that enables them to unblock the bicycles at any station – for one trip or a whole day’s use.

For frequent users, each trip should cost just about a few cents. For occasional user the cost will be around €15 a day, similar to services offered at other European cities.

The project launched June 21 was developed by the municipal mobility and parking operator EMEL [Empresa de Mobilidade e Estacionamento de Lisboa]. Private company SlowFastCycles will hold concession services for seven years.