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International Day of the Portuguese Language – May 5th

The Center of Portuguese Language Instituto Camões at UMass Boston is celebrating May 5th — International Day of Portuguese Language — with the launching of its website dedicated to the teaching and learning of Portuguese as a second language.

The new website will enable teachers and students to go through a variety of online resources to Learn Portuguese or Teach Portuguese to find language teaching tools, access to culture, history, music, arts, virtual libraries, bookshops, e-learning courses, tv channels, dictionaries, radio stations, blogs and websites with plenty of interesting tips.

The website also provides information about Scholarships, International Portuguese Language Proficiency Certificates. Searching through its Library Catalogue, users will find an updating “show window” where weekly suggestions of websites, videos, songs, books from the library, works done by students or tips to improve your knowledge of Portuguese language and culture will be displayed. In the near future the website will offer all the content in English too.

CLP-IC/UMass Boston is part of Instituto Camões network, which is coordinated by CEPE-EUA Portuguese Language Program and Education Affairs in the United States (www.cepe-eua.org).

To visit log on to www.clpic-boston.com  >>

The Portuguese Language today:

Spoken by over 210 million people, Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world.

There are over 1.3 million native speakers of Portuguese living in the United States.

Portuguese is the official language of eight countries including Brazil, Portugal, Cap Verde, Angola,  Mozambique, Gunea-Bissau, East Timor and Sao Tome and Prince and  an unofficial language in numerous linguistic islands in China and India.

Since it is so important and so rarely studied, knowledge of Portuguese is a very marketable skill, especially  in commerce and banking.

The richness of literature in Portuguese, art, film and music is remarkable, from The Lusiads – the great epic poem of the European Renaissance — to Fernando Pessoa one of the greatest world poets, to the modern Brazilian novel and the Portuguese language emerging African literatures.

Portuguese is the language of Brazil, the eighth largest economy in the world.



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