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Honor: Writer Paulina Chiziane winner of the prestigious Camões Award – Portugal

Mozambican writer, Paulina Chiziane, is the winner of the Camões Award one of the most prestigious Portuguese language writers’ accolades.

“The jury unanimously decided to award the Prize to the Mozambican writer Paulina Chiziane, highlighting her vast writing and critical reception, as well as the academic and institutional recognition of her work,” the announced reads.

The jury also referred to the relevance she gives in her books to the problems of Mozambican and African women, bringing young people closer, namely in building bridges between literature and other arts.

Paulina Chiziane is the author of “Ballada de Amor ao Vento” and “Winds of the Apocalypse”. Some of her books have been published in Portugal and Brazil, and are translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Croatian.

The Camões Award, created by Portugal and Brazil in 1989, is the most prestigious prize in the Portuguese language. With its attribution, an annual tribute to literature in Portuguese is paid, with the choice being for a writer whose work contributes to the projection and recognition of the Portuguese language.

The jury for the 33rd edition of the Camões Award was constituted of a selected group of lusophone writers and academicians, namely Ana Martinho (Portugal), Carlos Mendes de Sousa (Portugal), Jorge Alves de Lima (Brazil); Raul César Fernandes (Brazil), Tony Tcheka, (Guinea-Bissau) and Teresa Manjate (Mozambique).

The Camões Award has already been awarded, in chronological order, to Miguel Torga (Portugal), João Cabral de Mello Neto (Brazil), José Craveirinha (Mozambique), Vergílio Ferreira (Portugal), Rachel de Queiroz (Brazil), Jorge Amado (Brazil) ), José Saramago (Portugal), Eduardo Lourenço (Portugal), Pepetela (Angola), António Cândido (Brazil), Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (Portugal), Autran Dourado (Brazil), Eugénio de Andrade (Portugal), Maria Velho da Costa (Portugal), Rubem Fonseca (Brazil), Agustina Bessa-Luís (Portugal), Lygia Fagundes Telles (Brazil), Luandino Vieira (Angola), António Lobo Antunes (Portugal), João Ubaldo Ribeiro (Brazil), Arménio Vieira (Cabo Verde), Ferreira Gullar (Brazil), Manuel António Pina (Portugal), Dalton Trevisan (Brazil), Mia Couto (Mozambique), Alberto da Costa e Silva (Brazil), Hélia Correia (Portugal), Radouan Nassar (Brazil), Manuel Alegre (Portugal), Germano Almeida (Cape Verde), Chico Buarque (Brazil) and Vítor Aguiar e Silva (Portugal).



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