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Fashion: Swedish designer inspired by the beauty of the Azores – Photos

Swedish Gudrun Sjödén Design, from Stockholm, was inspired by the beauty of the Azores for the Autumn-Winter fashion collection.

Designers picked up the shades of green and blue, together with many earth tones, from the “dramatic landscape and sea that surround the islands” to create their beautiful original collection.

According the designers, the Azores is “A paradise for nature lovers. The nine islands are home to dozens of nature reserves. Wherever you are, you are living close to nature.”

Founded in 1976, by Gudrun and Björn Sjödén, the company is a subsidiary of the Sjödén Holding AB  group which runs mail order and online sales actively in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, France and the USA.

According to a statement on their website, Gudrun Sjödén Design creates man-made fibers, sometimes recycled, which are ecologically sustainable, to fashion clothes that add color and shape around a personality..

The group manages production of clothing, accessories and home textiles in China, India, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.

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