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Education: Summer School for Luso descendants -Tourism of Portugal

Between September 13th and 17th, Portuguese Tourism Schools of Hospitality will hold another edition of the “Summer School”, that will be, for the first time, aimed at Portuguese descendants.
Organized by Tourism of Portugal and its schools of Hospitality and Tourism, with the support of the Secretariat of State for Tourism and the Secretariat of State for the Portuguese Communities, this free online initiative aims to provide Portuguese descendants living abroad a better understanding of their origins and discover Portugal, presenting opportunities to study, work and invest in the country.
The Hospitality and Tourism Schools of Porto, Oeste, Estoril, Portalegre and Portimão are participating in this edition.
Each participant can choose to attend classes in Portuguese or English. However, the English language classes will also introduce Portuguese vocabulary, enhancing the contact of
Portuguese descendants with the language. The course is composed of daily two-hour sessions, in both languages.
The program of the Summer School includes a trip around the country, with emphasis on the main landscape attractions of the coast, interior and mountains, particularly the trails and
Culture and heritage will also receive special attention, namely the Portuguese Language, and monuments classified as UNESCO heritage. Furthermore, gastronomy and wine tourism will also be in the spotlight, with demonstration activities and production of recipes from the various regions.
Aligned with the dynamics that Tourism assumes within the National Diaspora Investment Support Program (PNAID), coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of
Territorial Cohesion, this action aims to promote the enhancement of skills and employment in various areas of the sector’s activities, making known the opportunities that exist in Portugal, aimed at a new generation, to continue their studies, create a professional career or invest in the country.
Each of the schools will create a roadmap of the region where it is located, with the following highlights:
13th | North Region – Porto School
The North Region – The “Undefeated City” – Port Wine – Gastronomy
14th | Centro Region – Oeste School
The Centro Region – Caldas and Óbidos – The “Ginja de Óbidos” – Gastronomy
15th | Lisbon Region – Estoril School
The Lisbon Region – the Estoril Coast – Lisbon Wines – Gastronomy
16th | Alentejo Region – Portalegre School
The Alentejo Region – The City of Portalegre – the “vinho de talha” – Gastronomy
17th | Algarve Region – Portimão School
The Algarve Region – the City of Portimão – the best fish – Algarve wines – Gastronomy
The 2020 edition of the Summer School was attended by over 400 people from different parts of the world. The success of the last edition led to the ambition to direct the Summer School to the Portuguese Diaspora and to its enormous potential.
Registration (in Portuguese) for the Summer School is available here

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