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Education: Opportunities for Portuguese emigrant college students – Portugal

Each year, the Portuguese system of higher education allocates 7% of its openings to Portuguese emigrant college students living abroad.

There are about 3,500 openings in the Portuguese universities nationwide, including the Azores and Madeira, exclusively reserved for Portuguese college students in the diaspora.

Applicants must hold the Portuguese nationality, have resided for at least two years, permanently, in the country of residence and demonstrate that they have held a job or have worked independently.

Qualifying candidates need to submit a secondary education certificate, equivalent to Portuguese secondary education diploma, in the country of residence, as a qualification of access to the Portuguese higher education system.

Applicants must submit all qualifying certificates translated by a professional translator recognized by Portugal. Additional proof of admission includes syllabus and exams, which must also be validate and translate.

Being a Portuguese emigrant in the diaspora includes being a relative of a Portuguese emigrant up to the 3rd generation.

About 483 students from the Portuguese diaspora applied for the 3,500 openings made available to them in the academic year of 2019/20. Candidates have complained that the admission process is poorly advertised, complex and difficult to navigate.

The annual deadline for applications, for the 2020/2021 academic year, ended 23 August. Applicants must not be older than 25 years, completed December 31, 2020.

Applicants must submit an online application. For further information visit Candidatura ao Ensino Superior 2021 at DGES (in Portuguese).


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