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Dec.10: Katy Perry hosting SNL

Portuguese American pop singer Katy Perry is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend December 10. This is the second time this year that Perry has been on the show.

“I’ve only ever hosted, like, dinner parties and birthday parties. This is a bit more than that,” she joked on set with MTV News. “It’s not as intimidating when you get here because it’s a bit smaller than it looks on TV, and I’m up for a challenge, for something new. I love to be challenged … I married Russell Brand,” she said. Russell hosted the show back in February .

Recently Katy Perry has been able to raise over $175,000 for charity from special ticket sales during her widely successful California Dreams tour, for more than 50 non-profit organizations, including Generosity Water to provide potable water and build wells in Ghana, Nigeria, Laos and India. Generosity Water will be able to provide more than 4,000 people with clean drinking water.

Among organizations, the Human Society of the United States and the Children’s Health Fund and Generosity Water will be receiving $40,000 each for their individual projects. The money raised for Children’s Health Fund will pay for more than 430 doctor visits helping needy and at-risk children, who don’t have access to basic health care.

Katy Perry, singer and songwriter, was born in Santa Barbara, California, from parents of German, English and Portuguese descent, more specifically “Azorean” with roots in Horta, Faial island.


Photo credit: Access Hollywood

Katy Perry – Saturday Night Live(SNL) Promo



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