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“CR7”: Cristiano Ronaldo sued over his underwear – Providence, RI

Christopher Renzi filed the lawsuit  in United States District Court in Providence, R.I., against Cristiano Ronaldo and the Danish company, JBS Textile Group, claiming he is the current owner of the “CR7” trademark in the United States.

Renzi says he uses the trademark on his branded clothing and that “CR7” is a combination of his own initials plus his birthday on October 7.  For Cristiano Ronaldo “CR7” symbolizes a combination of his initials and his jersey number.

JBS has plans to launch an underwear range featuring “CR7”, Ronaldo’s emblematic insignia. The company sells underwear with the phrase “CR7.” JBS Textile sells CR7 underwear, socks and other items in Europe and hopes to start selling in the U.S. soon. Its lawyer would not comment.

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