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Community: President Vasco Cordeiro honored at the Portuguese Heritage Day – Boston, MA

The President of the Government of the Azores, Vasco Cordeiro, was the guest of honor at the 35th Portuguese Heritage Day held June 4 at the Massachusetts State House.

President Cordeiro was invited by the members of the Portuguese American Legislative Caucus of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, led by Senator Marc Pacheco and Representative Tony Cabral, who presided at the ceremony.

Senator Marc R. Pacheco, (D-Taunton), the event’s co-chair and Senate chair of the Massachusetts Portuguese American Legislative Caucus, said he felt especially honored to host Vasco Cordeiro at the ceremony.

Representative António F.D. Cabral, (D. New Bedford) event co-chair and House of Representative chair of the Massachusetts Portuguese American Legislative Caucus, said it is fitting that Vasco Cordeiro be the honored guest.

Established in 1985, the Portuguese Heritage Day is promoted annually by the Portuguese American Legislative Caucus to honor the Portuguese American community by recognizing outstanding community members.

This year 21 personalities were honored, with the Portuguese Heritage Award, 8 of them of Azorean descent, for their contributions on behalf of the community in various domains.

It is estimated that more than 500 thousand Americans of Portuguese descent, the majority with roots in the Azores, reside in the State of Massachusetts where Portuguese is the second most spoken foreign language after Spanish.

Americans of Portuguese descent are well represented throughout the State, namely in Greater Boston, Fall River, New Bedford, Hudson, Peabody, Lowell, Stoughton, Cambridge, Somerville, Ludlow, Milford and Taunton.

Portuguese Heritage Day honorees 

— Estele Borges, Taunton (Sen. Marc Pacheco)

—Arthur Cabral, Taunton, (Sen. Marc Pacheco)

—Duarte Nuno Carreiro Dartmouth, (Rep. Antonio F. D. Cabral)

—Manuel Reis, Fall River (Sen. Michael Rodrigues)

—Dr. João J. Rosa, Brockton (Sen. Viriato de Macedo)

—Marcionilde (Marcy) Borges Beaudry, Fall River (Rep. Alan Silvia)

—Mary Lou Palumbo, Falmouth (Rep. David T. Vieira)

—Jesse B. Law III, Martha’s Vineyard (Rep. Dylan Fernandes_

—Dr. David Gouveia (Rep. Dylan Fernandes)

—Atty. Maria Santos, Chelmsford (Rep. Tami Gouveia)

—Catia Pina, Boston (Rep. Liz Miranda)

—S. Oliveira, New Bedford (Rep. Christopher Hendricks)

—Luciana Schachnick, Brookline  (Rep. Tommy Vitolo)

—Ana Filipa Pimentel, Hudson (Rep. Kate Hogan)

—Tony Viveiros, Fall River (Rep. Paul Schmid)

—Beverly Cook-Ferreira, Provincetown (Rep. Sarah Peake)

—Anthony Cordeiro, Fall River (Rep. Carole Fiola)

—Paul Braza, Milford (Rep. Brian W. Murray)

—Rosa Romano, Salem (Rep. Thomas Walsh)

—Daniel Mendes, Scituate, (Rep. Patrick Joseph Kearny)

—Gregorio (Greg) Rosa, Lowell, nominee of Luis Pedroso



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