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Community: 2018 Portuguese American Youth Conference – NYPALC, NY

The New York Portuguese American Leadership Conference (NYPALC) is holding the third New York State Portuguese American Youth Conference on March 3, 2018. This year, the event is being hosted at the Portuguese American Cultural Center of the Tarrytowns, 145 W. Franklin St., Tarrytown, NY.

The Youth Conference is an event which, not only has the purpose to disseminate the Portuguese culture and language, but serves as one of NYPALC’s main commitments to the Community, which is to encourage and motivate the Portuguese American youth to accomplish great things while instilling in them a deep rooted love and pride of their Portuguese heritage.

Through this annual event, NYPALC also promotes the valuable work of the New York Portuguese Community Schools, Folklore Groups and the Community Soccer Academies’ educators – all of which have contributed to the enhancement of generations of New York Portuguese Americans

This years’ program includes workshops, discussion panels and guest speakers who come from the most diverse different walks of life and, from the most diverse areas including arts, news, music, health and entrepreneurship. The speakers will be sharing about their lives as Portuguese Americans and will be an inspiration to our youth.

To join, participants do not have to be students in any of the Community’s Portuguese schools, or be a member of any of the Community Centers. All are encouraged to participate!

The PACC will offer free dinner to children 12 and younger, while others will be $30.00 (not including drinks).

Registration is required via info@nypalc.org or call (914) 879-9819 / (914) 960-4246 / (914) 631-2233. Contact: info@nypalc.org – Website: www.nypalc.org

Source: NYPALC

Updated 04/27/18


The New York Portuguese American Leadership Conference (NYPALC) is the association of Portuguese and Portuguese American organizations in the state of New York. NYPALC is an independent, non-profit organization, with no political affiliations that empowers the New York Portuguese and Portuguese American citizens through advocacy, civic engagement, community development, and education. Currently with 66 member organizations, NYPALC represents approximately 180,000 Portuguese and Portuguese Americans in the State of New York.

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