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CCRAI: Azorean Government promotes full integration of foreign workers – Azores

The Azorean Government has implemented the “Guide to Hiring Foreign Citizens in the Azores,” a policy aimed at developing initiatives and strategies to promote the full integration of foreign workers.

The document offers “important information” for employers and future foreign employees in the Region.

Acknowledging their active contribution to the enrichment of Azorean society in various areas, the new policies aim to support both employers and foreign workers as announced by Paulo Estêvão, the Regional Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs and Communities.

“People who come to the Azores must be welcomed with dignity,” emphasized Paulo Estêvão.

This initiative comes in light of the first 2024 meeting of the Regional Advisory Council for Immigration Affairs (CCRAI). The guide aims to provide essential information for those looking to live and work in the Azores, ensuring they are welcomed with dignity and supported through institutions related to social security, health, and education.

“It is a guide that will provide important information for anyone who wishes to reside in the Autonomous Region of the Azores and work here. Employers will also have a guide to everything they need to do,” he said, speaking at the end of the meeting held at the Conceição Palace in Ponta Delgada.

The CCRAI, which aims to enhance social integration and combat exclusion, involved various participants, including representatives from immigrant associations, social solidarity institutions, and sectors like construction and hospitality. This reflects a collaborative approach towards shaping policies that foster an inclusive environment for immigrants.

“We regard immigration as a fundamental phenomenon to the Region’s economic growth and we are keen to ensure this integration and provide good responses in our institutions, whether in social security, health or education,” said Paulo Estêvão.

The action coincided with the Luso-Brazilian Community Day, highlighting the successful integration of Brazilian immigrants into Azorean society through the testimonials of individuals like Eleonora Marino Duarte and Ângela Fernandes.

This initiative underscores the Azorean government’s commitment to acknowledging immigration as a key driver of the regional economy and the need to integrate policies that offer equal opportunities and actively combat discrimination.

Source: Azores Goverment

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