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C.J. Hobgood winner: Billabong Azores Islands Pro 2011 – Surfing

Clifton James Hobgood, 32, from Melbourne, Florida, is the winner Sunday of the ASP Prime Billabong Azores Islands Pro 2011 surfing competition, defeating Nate Yeaomans, 30, from San Clemente, California, for the World Qualifying Series (WQS). The winner was awarded a $40,000 USD prize.

The international surfing competition was held September 27th – October 2nd at Praia de Santa Barbara, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel island, in the Azores.

Clifton James “C.J.” Hobgoodl, born July 6, 1979 in Melbourne, Florida, is an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship surfer. His twin brother, Damien Hobgood, is also a surfer champion.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XazYIYYAn4A [/youtube]

The best surf spots in the Azores are found off the island of São Miguel, where its north coast provides powerful and uncrowned surf.

The surf generally ranges in size from 3-5 feet during summer, reaching up to 15 feet in the winter months.

Under the influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate of the Azores is temperate, with a high rainfall and a narrow temperature range: an annual temperature of 14º, with an average summer temperature of 24º, when the sea temperature is 22º.

The Billabong Azores Islands Pro, presented by Nissan, was organized by DAAZ Eventos and USBA (Azores Surfers and Bodyboarders Union).

The event was sponsored by the Azores Tourism, Billabong, Nissan Portugal, Ribeira Grande City Hall, Sumol and TMN. Also kindly supported by SATA, Ericeira Surf Shop, Dakine, RTP Açores, Visão, Antena 3, Go-­‐S.TV, Surf Portugal and Surf Total.

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