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Brazil shows the fastest growth on Facebook

Facebook is growing at a very fast pace, gaining new users by the million every month.  According to the most recent figures, released by Facebook statistics blog  Socialbakers, the social network had an increase of 80 million new users in the first quarter of 2011,  nearing a total of 700 million.

Brazil, with 19 million users, topped the list of the 20 countries showing the largest increase on Facebook by adding 1.9 million new users in May, amounting to a 11 percent growth.

Indonesia, showed the second highest growth rate, added 1.5 million new users in May to a total of 37.8 million users, followed by the Philippines with 1.3 million new users to a total of 24.4 million, Mexico with 1.1 million to a total of 25.6 million, and Argentina with about one million new users added in May to a total of 15.1 million. Spain with a total of 14.1 million users and Japan with a total of 3.3 million users, were ranked at the bottom of the 20 countries listed.

The United States, still the most-represented country on Facebook, with about 150 million members on the site, showed no growth last month and was not listed in Socialbakers’ list of top 20 fastest growing countries.  Canada with a total of 16.6 million users, also showed no growth in May and was not listed.  Portugal, with a total of 3.7 million users, was also not listed among the 20 top fastest growing countries.

The top five countries on Facebook with more users are the United States with a total of 150 million users; Indonesia with 37.8 million users; the United Kingdom with 29. 4 million users; Turkey with 28.8 million users; and India with 26.6 million users.

Top Growing Countries in May 2011 on Facebook

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