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Book |The Incandescent Threads| by Richard Zimler – Editor’s Note

From the acclaimed author of The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and The Warsaw Anagrams comes an unforgettable, deeply moving ode to solidarity, heroism, and the kind of love capable of overcoming humanity’s greatest horror. The latest novel in the Sephardic Cycle, a group of independent works that explore the lives of different branches and generations of a Portuguese-Jewish family, the Zarcos. The other novels in this series (which can be read in any order) are: The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Hunting Midnight, Guardian of the Dawn, and The Seventh Gate. All of these books were number one bestsellers in Portugal.


“An absolute masterpiece.” —Açoriano Oriental
“Deep [and] moving [with] an enormous emotional charge.” —Time Out 

“Six magnificent narratives that are tied together by absolutely wonderful characters.” —Diário de Notícias

“The latest effort by the author of The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon (1998) succeeds with its strong emotion, memorable characters, and mosaic like structure. Zimler’s handling of the continuum of time is both moving and unsettling. A thoughtful and affecting novel about generational trauma.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Zimler’s exceptional latest… a richly drawn, original portrayal of tenacity and sacrifice.” —Publishers Weekly

“The novel focuses on Benni and Shelly Zarco, two cousins separated by tragic circumstances. Shelly, who is 11 years older, makes it out of Nazi-controlled Warsaw first, escaping through the forest on his eventual flight to Montreal. A thoughtful and affecting novel about generational trauma.” —Kirkus Reviews

“compelling and powerful… a contemporary classic” —The Jewish Chronicle

“sublime… I now have many [Zimler novels] to catch up on.” —Buzz Magazine

“an incisive story teller… I read the almost 500 pages… over a single weekend.” —The Portuguese Jewish News

“a memorable portrait of the search for meaning in the shadow of the Shoah.” —The Sunday Times


About the Author

Richard Zimler was born in New York in 1956 and now resides in Porto, Portugal. His twelve novels have been translated into twenty-three languages and have appeared on bestseller lists in twelve different countries, including the United States, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy,and Portugal. Five of his works have been nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award, the richest prize in the English-speaking world, and he has won several other accolades for his fiction across Europe and North America.


Book Details


Title: The Incandescent Threads

Author: Richard Zimler

Publisher: Parthian Books

Publication Date: November 7, 2022

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: ‎500pp

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