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Book |The Archaeology of Roman Portugal| by Tesse D. Stek & André Carneiro – Editor’s Note

The Archaeology of Roman Portugal aims to contribute to the wider debate on Roman imperialism and expansionism, by bringing to the fore a much-underrepresented area of the Roman empire, at least in English-language scholarship: its westernmost edge in modern day Portugal. Highlighting the perspective from Roman Portugal will contribute to our understanding of the Roman empire, because it presents both an extraordinary landscape in the sense of economic opportunities (ocean resources, marble and metal mining) and settlement history. The volume aims to present new data and insights from both archaeology and ancient history, and to discuss their significance for our understanding of Roman expansion and imperialism. A key goal of the volume is to discuss how the Portuguese panorama compares to other areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

An explicit goal of the volume is to better integrate Portuguese scholarship in the academic debate on the Mediterranean Roman world, and to contextualize it firmly in the wider Iberian and Western Mediterranean context. Therefore, chapters are produced by internationally diverse scholars in archaeology and ancient history from Portugal, Spain, Germany, the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. With a view to assess the potential of integrating best practices in archaeological approaches and methodology, different national and disciplinary research traditions and historical frameworks will be explicitly discussed.

About the Authors

 Tesse D. Stek is Acting Director of the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome (KNIR) and Director of Ancient studies and Archaeology at Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR). He has published widely on Mediterranean archaeology and is director of ongoing excavations in the Tappino Area Archaeology Project (since 2004).

André Miguel Serra Pedreira Carneiro is Professor Auxiliar in the Department of History at the University of Évora, Portugal. His research interests are Roman archaeology and Roman settlement and road building. He has published on several excavations of Roman sites in Portugal.


Book Details

Title: The Archaeology of Roman Portugal in its Western Mediterranean Context

Editors: Tesse D. Stek & André Carneiro

Publisher‏: Oxbow Books

Publication Date: June 20, 2022

Language‏: ‎English

Paperback‏: ‎256pp

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