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Book | Patterns of Portugal: A Journey | by Christine Chitnis – Editor’s Note

In this gorgeous book, writer and photographer Christine Chitnis invites you to celebrate the unique, timeless beauty of Portugal through the stunning designs and hues that define Portugal’s countryside, coast, small towns, and cosmopolitan cities.

This collection features over 200 stunning photographs that illustrate the ways that color and pattern are woven into the very fabric of the country’s culture, history, architecture, and traditions. Each section features insightful essays that explore the artistry of azulejos, the colorful ceramic tiles covering much of Portugal’s architecture; the intricately embroidered details of traditional lavradeira costumes; the rich flavors of Portuguese cuisine, and so much more.

Throughout these vibrant pages, you’ll discover the vivid stories behind each color and pattern, transporting you to the gorgeous fields of Alentejo, the sparkling waters of the Algarve, the busy streets of Lisbon, the lush valleys of the Douro, and beyond.

About the Author

Christine Chitnis is a writer, a photographer, and the author of Patterns of India. As a contributor to publications including the New York Times, Elle, and Condé Nast Traveler, Christine has earned a reputation as a multi-talented storyteller.


This New Book Celebrates the Many Colors and Patterns of Portugal Condé Nast Traveler

Book Details

Title: Patterns of Portugal: A Journey Through Colors, History, Tiles, and Architecture

Author: Christine Chitnis

Publisher‏:Clarkson Potter

Publication Date: February 6, 2024

Language‏: English

Hardcover‏: ‎288pp

Available @ Amazon.com


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