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Book: ‘How Peripheral is the Periphery? Translating Portugal Back and Forth’ – Editor’s Note

This volume is a result of the need to reflect upon Portugal’s position from the viewpoint of the literary assets imported and exported through translation. It brings together a number of scholars working in the field of Translation Studies directly concerned with the Portuguese cultural system in order to analyze this question from various theoretical perspectives and from case studies of translation flows and movements in Portuguese culture.

By Translating Portugal Back and Forth, the articles discuss issues such as: how can one draw the borderline between a peripheral and a semi-peripheral system? Is this borderline useful or necessary? How peripheral is the Portuguese cultural system as far as translation transfers are concerned? How stable or pacific has this positioning been? Does the economic and historical perception of Portugal as peripheral entail that, from the viewpoint of translation, it would behave similarly?

By addressing some of these questions, and as shown by the (second) subtitle Essays in Honour of João Ferreira Duarte,  the volume pays homage to one of the most prominent Translation Studies scholars in Portugal, who has extensively reflected on the binary discourse on translation, its metaphors and images.

About the Editors:
Rita_Bueno_MaiaRita Bueno Maia holds a PhD in Translation History. She is Assistant Professor at Universidade Europeia, Portugal, and collaborates in several research projects, including Indirect Translation in Intercultural Exchanges. She is currently conducting her postdoctoral project The Moveable Feast: Literature in Portuguese Exile at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies, and is co-editing a special issue of Translation Studies, entitled Indirect Translation: Theoretical, Methodological and Terminological Issues. Her research interests are indirect translation, translation history in 19th-century Portugal, Iberian Studies and translation and migration.

Marta_Pacheco_PintoMarta Pacheco Pinto received a PhD in Translation History in 2013 from the University of Lisbon. She is member of the Centre for Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon, and is currently starting her postdoctoral project Bridging East and West: A Critical Chronology of Published Translations from Japanese into Portuguese Her main areas of research range from translation history to cultural translation, Portuguese orientalism, reception and intercultural studies. She has co-edited the volumes Trans/American, Trans/Oceanic, Trans/lation: Issues in International American Studies (2010) and Macau na escrita, escritas de Macau (2010), and has published essays in various edited collections and peer-reviewed journals, such as Scientia Traductionis and CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture She is also Assistant Director of the journal Textos e Pretextos and collaborates in a digital humanities project at New Mexico Tech.

sara_magro_ramos_pintoSara Magro Ramos Pinto received her PhD from the University of Lisbon in 2010, and is currently Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds, UK, specializing in audiovisual translation. She also collaborates with the Centre for Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon in the Translation Studies research project. Her research interests are the translation of linguistic variation, the reception of audiovisual translation, and the possibilities of innovative subtitling. She has published a number of articles in various publications, such as Target, Anglosaxónica and the Handbook for Translation Studies.

Book Details

    • Title: How Peripheral is the Periphery? Translating Portugal Back and Forth: Essays in Honour of João Ferreira Duarte
    • Editors: Rita Bueno Maia, Marta Pacheco Pinto and Sara Ramos Pinto
    • Authors: Conceição Lima, Helena Buescu, Fernando Ferreira Alves, Ana Gabrieta Macedo, Christine Zurbach, Alexandra Lopes, Alexendra Assis Rosa
    • Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
    • Date of Publication: January 4, 2015
    • Language: English
    • Hardcover: 345 pp.

Source: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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